In today’s world, a car is pretty much essential to having a job or going to school. Denver’s public transportation system is pretty great, but America is a big place and we don’t have the advantage of trains like Europe does. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on their cars every day. That is why the team at Urban Auto Care works so hard every day to give Denver drivers the very best car maintenance. Honesty, excellence, and care are our top priorities, However, not every car mechanic holds themselves to the same high level.

In our last few blogs, we have shared signs that you may be dealing with a mechanic who isn’t putting your interests first. In today’s blog, we have a few last signs for you to watch for when selecting a mechanic to take care of your valuable vehicle.

Signs You’re Looking at a Bad Mechanic

The mechanic won’t show you the old, broken parts.

If the mechanic does a sweep of repairs and claims he or she replaced an expensive, broken part but won’t show you the damage, there’s a chance the part didn’t even need to be replaced in the first place, and the mechanic did the repair just to get you to pay more. Good mechanics understand that you trust them to be transparent and honest and they won’t try to pull that kind of trick.

The mechanic only uses name-brand products.

The most expensive parts aren’t always the best. Just because a mechanic claims that a certain brand will give you better results doesn’t mean it is true. The mechanic might just be overcharging you. At the end of the day, you don’t need race-caliber parts in your commuter. You need affordable, well-made parts, and a good mechanic will understand that.

The mechanic claims “I wouldn’t drive that car again until it’s fixed”

These types of phrases are usually used to scare drivers into surrendering their vehicles to a garage and letting the mechanics have free reign over it. If you show the mechanics that you’ll fall for this phrase, you are pretty much guaranteed they will take full advantage of you and overcharge you for services your car didn’t even need. If you can, get the opinion of someone else on whether or not you can move your car and then decide what to do.

How to Find a Great Mechanic

Nobody wants to delay fixing their car by bouncing from mechanic to mechanic in a quest to find the best one. Look into reviews online, and if you have friends who know cars, ask where they take their vehicles for the repairs they can’t handle themselves. And once you find a great mechanic, hold onto him or her. Staying loyal and respectful will build a relationship that guarantees you’ll learn more about your vehicle and truly be able to trust your mechanic’s recommendations.

At Urban Car Care, we are on a mission to be the mechanic Denver drivers recommend to one another as the mechanics who are honest, respectful, and committed to excellence. Contact our Aurora mechanic team for world-class service!