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  1. Winter Road

    Items to Keep In Your Car During a Colorado Winter – Part 2

    In our last blog post, we covered a couple of the items that we believe every Aurora native should have in their car, and that’s because we’ve experienced quite a few winters and know just how handy all of these items come in. We really wish that these two items were the only things that you’d need to keep in your car to enjoy a safe and warm winter on the road, but that’s just not the cas…Read More

  2. SUV Driving Through Snow

    Why Choose Snow Tires This Season

    It’s no news that Colorado is known for the amount of snowfall that we receive every winter. During the winter season, we can almost count on a build-up of ice on the roads, slick stops and an influx of car accidents. These are all things that make driving down the Colorado roads a drag during the winter, but there is one way that you can minimize the chances of having to deal with them. If you…Read More

  3. SUV on Snowy Road

    An Automotive Check-up Before Your Holiday Drive

    The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with this time of the year comes quite a bit of planning and organizing. If you’re planning on heading to a family member’s home for dinner or a long weekend visit, then, even more, planning is required. In the case of traveling, the primary options are either flying or driving, and at the rate that prices for flights are going for these days, dri…Read More

  4. Modern Gear Shifter

    Great Gifts for the Car Lover in Your Life

    The holiday season is quickly approaching, and truth be told, most of us have likely thrown getting gifts on the back burner, even though we promised we wouldn’t. In the case that you’re looking for some really great gifts for the car lover in your life, the mechanic team at Urban Auto here in Denver and Lakewood have a few purchases that you can look into. Because let’s face it, our team is…Read More