If you are in Denver — including Lakewood, City Park, Park Hill, Washington Park, Downtown, and Uptown — schedule your routine car maintenance with Urban Autocare today. Some common maintenance tasks we do include: changing the oil, replacing the oil filter, replacing the air filter, replacing the spark plugs, checking coolant hoses, checking the battery, checking and refilling power steering fluid, inspecting and replacing the timing chain or the timing belt, checking the conditions of the tires, using a scan tool to read trouble codes, and much more. We will do everything we can to make sure your car is as safe for the road as possible. Regular car maintenance is an easy way to ensure dramatically increase the longevity of your vehicle. If you are in Denver, schedule your routine maintenance with Urban Autocare! Feel free to peruse our blog on car maintenance tips and tricks as well!

  1. Changing Your Own Oil Doesn’t Necessarily Cost Less: DIY vs in Shop Oil Changes

    Of all the routine maintenance your vehicle needs, none is more important than having its engine oil changed. Many view this as a simple “do it yourself” (DIY) auto maintenance task. From a cost-analysis perspective, there are some benefits of doing it yourself, but one of those benefits may actually not be cost. Here’s why: The cost of buying the parts and installing them yourself may be le…Read More

  2. Shock Absorbers 101

    Shock Absorbers 101

    The cars we drive are made of multiple systems that have been perfected over the decades, and we often take for granted the passion and workmanship people have poured into them. Shock absorbers are one such system. They play an incredibly important role in the comfort and safety of our vehicles, and they do it all silently and out of sight. We no longer have to worry about bruised tailbones from r…Read More

  3. SUV on Winter Road

    Items to Keep in Your Car During a Colorado Winter

    If you’re a long-time resident of Colorado, then you know that winters are brutal here, and if you’ve recently just moved, you’ve either found out the hard way or you’re about to experience just how intense these cool winters can be. For the most part, snow is fun, but when it comes to driving it poses quite a few problems. From accidents and flat tires to dead batteries and running out of…Read More