1. 4 Reasons to Come to Urban Autocare for Your Car Services

    Throughout the years, auto mechanic shops have not changed very much, but the evolution of vehicles has been drastic. Take your car to a new-age auto shop with old-school customer values. Urban Autocare is a combination of top-quality auto repair business practices, design elements, and an award-winning customer care team. Experience The Difference An auto shop doesn’t have to feel like an auto …Read More

  2. How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

    Winter car maintenance is a must for drivers living in Colorado. If you don't want to be stuck on the side of the road this winter, then it's time to get your car ready for what's ahead. Urban Autocare will describe important preventative maintenance tips you can follow before winter arrives so you can pre-empt any potential car problems and stay safe on the roads. Schedule your car maintenance se…Read More

  3. Four Things Every Car Owner Needs

    Taking care of your car isn’t just about filling it with gas and getting the oil changed regularly. As a car owner, you want to be prepared for anything, including potential emergencies or mishaps. At Urban Autocare, we are dedicated to helping you care for your car and yourself, so we’ve put together a short guide on four things every car owner needs! Jumper Cables Jumper cables are one of th…Read More

  4. Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Car in Top Shape

    Keep Your Car Running Strong Schedule Your Car Maintenance Service Today For most people, their car is a major investment and could very well be one of the most expensive assets they have. With vehicles being the investment they are, it’s only natural that you’d want to get the most value out of your hard-earned money, right? Well, the best way to get the most out of your vehicle is regular an…Read More

  5. What Sets Urban Autocare Apart

    Looking for the best autocare services in Denver? Then look no further than Urban Autocare. No matter what kind of vehicle you’re driving, our team of experts will be able to help you. Whether you’re looking for simple auto maintenance or complete vehicle repair, the professionals here at Urban Autocare are here to help you. While you have numerous options when it comes to your autocare servic…Read More

  6. Minivan lifted up on repair stand in garage.

    4 Types of Car Repair Services We Offer

    Because most are unfamiliar with automotive problems, certain vehicle malfunctions occur when a component fails. Even if you're a great driver, your car's components have to undergo repairs and modifications. Car maintenance and repair demand a high level of technical knowledge, expert help, and tools. It’s important to have access to a mechanic who can handle everything from brake repairs to in…Read More

  7. Signs You Need to Visit a Brake Shop

    Do You Need New Brakes in Lakewood, Colorado? If your car brakes are squealing, vibrating, or making weird noises, it's probably a good time to visit an auto car shop. The main cause of brake damage is often due to prolonged use. Urban Autocare in Lakewood, Colorado completely examines your car brakes, including minor details like the time it takes brakes to respond, or if they are making any stra…Read More

  8. Pre-Purchase Inspection

    But I just bought it!? Why didn't they tell me about this!? How much is that going to cost?!  As professionals in the Automotive Industry, we hear this way too often, and yet the solution to prevent most of this frustration is simple!  The most effective way to avoid finding out that your “new to you” vehicle needs a lot more work than you were aware of, is to have our ASE-certified technici…Read More

  9. Interior Engine Gears

    New Location in South Denver

    Urban Autocare is proud to announce a new location in South Denver! To kick off 2021, we’ll be opening doors to our fourth shop, located at 701 E Evans Avenue, here in Denver. We look forward to serving yet another community in the Denver area, and hope that you’ll stop by our new shop to see our new space, meet our new mechanics, and say hello! At our South Denver location, we’ll be special…Read More

  10. Denver Skyline

    Owner, Brian Sump, Announced AAPEX Shop Owner of the Year!

    This just in! Urban Autocare’s owner, Brian Sump, has earned the AAPEX Shop Owner of the Year award! AAPEX recognizes outstanding performance provided by auto shop owners who have provided service to “keep the motoring public on the road, even during times of crisis.” While 2020 has been a trying year, Brian continually supports all Urban Autocare team members, in turn supporting hundreds of…Read More