1. Signs Your Mechanic is Cheating You – Part 3

    In today's world, a car is pretty much essential to having a job or going to school. Denver's public transportation system is pretty great, but America is a big place and we don't have the advantage of trains like Europe does. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on their cars every day. That is why the team at Urban Auto Care works so hard every day to give Denver drivers the very best car main…Read More

  2. Signs Your Mechanic is Cheating You – Part 2

    How much do you know about your vehicle? When you open the hood, can you identify everything? If your car was up on a lift, would you understand what you were looking at and how to fix it? If your answer is "no," you aren't alone. A majority of people on the road don't fully understand their vehicles. They just need them to work, to get them to work or school and back. When things inevitably break…Read More

  3. Signs Your Mechanic is Cheating You – Part 1

    No matter how well-made your car may be, you'll have to take it to the shop at some point. Even if you know how to do oil changes and car repair, sometimes you just need the experts. However, if the thought of heading to an auto mechanic makes you pause, you aren't alone. Some car mechanics have given the rest of us a bad name by taking advantage of customers who aren't as car-savvy as they are. A…Read More

  4. Shock Absorbers 101

    The cars we drive are made of multiple systems that have been perfected over the decades, and we often take for granted the passion and workmanship people have poured into them. Shock absorbers are one such system. They play an incredibly important role in the comfort and safety of our vehicles, and they do it all silently and out of sight. We no longer have to worry about bruised tailbones from r…Read More

  5. Tips to Prepare Your Car for Summer

    Summer means sweltering heat, especially here in Denver, where temps can tip well past three digits as tall buildings focus the sun’s rays on the pavement of our Mile High City. As you walk down the street, you’ll notice that you have to adapt to keep cool. You sweat, consuming gallons of water to keep up with your perspiration. You wear sunglasses to keep those harmful UV rays out of your eye…Read More

  6. How to Tell If Your Tires Are on Their Last Leg

    There’s little scarier than having a tire burst while you're cruising the highway—and it can cause a real adrenaline spike. First, there’s the sound, a loud “POP, whssssssh!” Then, you’re startled by the fact that your car is hard to control (if not completely out of control). You grab the wheel with white knuckles and guide your car (which is now behaving like a barge in the middle of…Read More

  7. Common Radiator Questions

    Your radiator is essential for maintaining a safe operating temperature in your engine. Without a radiator, a running engine can overheat to the point where parts fuse and break, and that can completely total your engine. So, in short, it’s crucial to maintain your radiator to ensure that your engine is appropriately cooled. So let’s talk turkey about your radiator. Here are the answers you ne…Read More

  8. Having Transmission Problems?

    If your vehicle’s transmission isn’t cooperating, you’ve got a problem that’ll keep you off the road. Transmissions, both automatic and manual, are designed to ensure that the driver can engage the power of the engine properly. If, however, your car drops out of gear while the gas is on, or if you can’t slip the transmission into the proper gear, your vehicle may be undriveable. So, let…Read More

  9. What Does Brake Fluid Do?

    Your brakes may be the most important component of your vehicle. Without sufficient stopping power, your vehicle becomes a huge danger to yourself and others. And since brake fluid is essential to provide braking power to your vehicle, it’s crucial that there’s sufficient brake fluid in your hydraulic system to keep pressure on your brake pads. Here’s how your brakes work, and here is why it…Read More

  10. Our Cosmetic Vehicle Services

    Here at Urban Autocare, we provide a vast variety of mechanic services. From oil changes to transmission rebuilds, we’re your all-in-one Denver autocare mechanic. On top of our traditional maintenance and repair services, we also provide cosmetic vehicle improvements. So, you can ensure that your car is performing its best while looking fantastic. Let’s take a quick look at all of the cosmetic…Read More