Warranty is 4 yrs OR 40,000 miles, whichever comes first unless otherwise specified. You must return to Urban Autocare for warranty coverage. Urban Autocare is not required to reimburse repairs performed at another facility that may have been covered at Urban Autocare. We do not offer returns or refunds. If the vehicle is outside of 25-mile radius from Urban Autocare and Urban Autocare is contacted prior to repairs, there may be some assistance, but it is a case by case basis. Seasonal inspections and recommended maintenance intervals must be achieved or warranty may be partially or fully voided. Warranty applies to new original equipment or factory replacement parts, purchased from and installed by Urban Autocare. Warranty may not include transmissions or any other failures caused by negligence, accidents, acts of God, or collateral damages caused by the failure of a part we installed. Warranty does not include normal wear items such as, but not limited to clutches, brakes, and tires and does not cover tow charges or loss-of-use. Warranty is non-transferable.