Do You Need New Brakes in Lakewood, Colorado?

If your car brakes are squealing, vibrating, or making weird noises, it’s probably a good time to visit an auto car shop. The main cause of brake damage is often due to prolonged use. Urban Autocare in Lakewood, Colorado completely examines your car brakes, including minor details like the time it takes brakes to respond, or if they are making any strange sounds.


Repair Brakes to Retain Vehicle Functionality

The prolonged use of damaged brakes causes additional wear and tear to vehicles. The main function of a brake is to stop the vehicle. Damaged brakes will eventually wear out various parts of the vehicle. If you keep using them in damaged conditions, you threaten your rotors, tires, padding, and more. Avoid more damage and costly repairs by constantly monitoring your car’s brakes on a routine basis.  

Urban Autocare provides efficient services to repair brakes, especially when you are facing one or more of the mentioned signs of damaged brakes. Urban Autocare is a team of highly professional and experienced mechanics that will instantly detect the problem the minute they see it. 


Reasons to Go For Brake Repairs

Some of the main reasons to go for a brake repair include: 

  • The brake pedal is sluggish.
  • You hear an unusual noise when you press the brake pedal.
  • Some trademarks of the brake pads have fixed devices that give a high-pitched sound when the brakes need repairing.
  • The vehicle pulls to one side while applying the brakes.
  • You feel a bumpy or grinding sensation when you apply the brakes.
  • When the red warning light flashes on the car’s dashboard.

Visit Urban Autocare if you experience any of the above-mentioned situations with your brakes. 


What Services Do We offer?

Urban Autocare offers efficient automobile repair services in Lakewood, Colorado. Our services include maintenance and repair, brake pads, and rotor installation, to name a few. 

When it comes to safety brakes, we are your trusted choice. We are not just an ordinary automotive mechanic garage — our services are exceptional. From cleanliness to attention to detail, we guarantee a satisfying experience to our customers. 


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