But I just bought it!? Why didn’t they tell me about this!? How much is that going to cost?! 

As professionals in the Automotive Industry, we hear this way too often, and yet the solution to prevent most of this frustration is simple! 

The most effective way to avoid finding out that your “new to you” vehicle needs a lot more work than you were aware of, is to have our ASE-certified technicians perform a thorough Pre-Purchase inspection.  Very similar to having an inspector look at a home before you purchase it, we will go over every point of the vehicle front to back and top to bottom, providing you with digital images of our results and a link you can access via mobile or email. You can utilize the link with images and our technicians findings in the negotiation process, possibly getting yourself a better deal! 

The Pre-Purchase Inspection (or PPI) is one of the most important things to factor into buying a vehicle, to make sure you’re not getting any unwanted surprises. The cost of the inspection is minimal compared to hundreds or thousands of dollars in potential unexpected repairs. 

Consider what you are buying yourself is peace of mind!

Even buying a “newer” used car from a reputable dealer does not guarantee that you are in the clear, and most vehicles may have a few things that the dealer did not choose to invest in fixing. 

This goes for buying from a private seller as well, mostly due to the fact that the seller is ready to move on from the vehicle or they simply may not be aware of some things the vehicle may need. There is always the chance that either a private seller or a dealership has missed something that a second look would notice, saving you time and money!  As the buyer, you will need to know about these items so you can be prepared for the inherent cost of repairs, and also so you can make an informed decision to walk away from the purchase if necessary. 

Our Pre-Purchase Inspections can be scheduled with any of our locations, and our ASE Certified Master Technicians will make sure to give you the “edge” as an educated consumer before going to buy your new ride!