Raising the BAR was created as a way to support the local community and families struggling through adverse life circumstances. BAR is an acronym that stands for “Blessings through Automotive Repair” and the mission of the program is to bless others through stewardship over the blessings and success we have been given.

Our goal is to reach those in our community who have either been nominated by others or selected directly by our staff, and grant them:

  • Assistance with completing needed repairs to unsafe or inoperable vehicles
  • Advice and resources for finding a vehicle that may better meet their needs
  • Encouragement and support to persevere through their trials

In 2016 we spearheaded a partnership with the DC-21 Denver Charter School in order to perform needed repairs on vehicles belonging to students, staff and families. In all, we administered several thousand dollars worth of parts and labor in partnership with local parts suppliers such as Napa and WorldPac. We were very encouraged to know that we could tangibly aid the less fortunate in our community through the talents and resources we have been given.



The Hope House of Colorado is a no-profit organization that empowers teenage mothers who lack sufficient resources to properly raise their children. Urban Autocare contributes $5000 annually in service and repair work to assist the Hope House in accomplishing their mission.

Our staff has been involved with The Hope House’s business mentorship program, creating a course-of-action that would provide vital occupational training to young mothers with little or no previous experience. We also serve on the Hope House development board.