Your driveshaft pushes power from the engine to your wheels. As the pistons pump, the engine places torque on the driveshaft (or driveshafts) of your vehicle, which transfers all that power to the wheels of your vehicle. Driveshafts can transfer power from the engine to the front wheels, rear wheels, or, if you have a four wheel drive vehicle, to both the front and rear axles. Now, a driveshaft is liable to fail, just the same as any other component on your vehicle. That can leave you without power, and it can make your ride uncomfortable. Here are some signs of a damaged driveshaft, as well as the repairs necessary to get you back on the road.

Signs of a Damaged Driveshaft

The driveshaft can bend or break under the tremendous torque which is transmitted from the engine. If your driveshaft brakes entirely, you’ll completely lose the power to move your vehicle. The wheels simply won’t turn. If you have a driveshaft that’s damaged, but not completely broken, you may have a rough ride. A bent driveshaft won’t spin smoothly, and that can cause a jarring vibration as you drive. You may also hear scraping, rattling, and high-pitched noises if your driveshaft is out of whack. Take note, your U-joints (which support and rotate the driveshaft) may also fail and warp. Likewise, a faulty U-joint can cause rattling and vibration.

Repairing Your Driveshaft

When your driveshaft is acting up, it’s important to bring it into the shop. A faulty driveshaft can damage other components of the vehicle, and it’ll reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. If your driveshaft is faulty, it’ll have to be replaced. The drive shaft will be removed, placed, balanced, and secured. The U-joints will also be lubricated to ensure that there’s less friction and wear and tear on these crucial joints. A driveshaft replacement usually costs between $500 and $1,000, but repairs can vary based on the model of the vehicle.

Driveshaft Repair in Denver, Littleton, & Lakewood

For any and all driveshaft problems, you can count on the crew here at Urban Autocare to get your vehicle running as it should. Bring your vehicle into one of our Denver Metro auto shops — we’re in South Denver, Lakewood, Littleton, and North Denver. We’ll take a look at your auto, put your car on the lift, and get to work. We offer a 4-year/40,000 mile warranty for our repairs. Take a look at our full list of auto repair and maintenance services, and schedule service for your vehicle today! We work with all sorts of makes and models, domestic and foreign, including Jeep, Subaru, and Toyota.